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Strong, female protagonists are not just for adults

Adam Winger on Unsplash

For this post, I immersed myself in childhood nostalgia. I remembered reading in the middle school library during lunchtime. I remembered walking away from mini-chapter books towards the more-robust novels as a fourth-grader, feeling like an absolute genius. I remembered adding books to the Amazon cart, hoping my mom would notice and purchase them for me as a gift. The exciting days of discovering my love of books.

I love middle-grade novels. I cannot wait until I have a child and can stroll through their aisle without looking like a complete oddball. Admittedly, this list contains no recent books, only…

Fall back in time with strong female guides

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Historical fiction is my favorite genre to read. I love immersing myself in another time period, imagining myself as an 18th-century duchess, 20th-century spy, or medieval queen. Additionally, there's something soothing about knowing the historical timeline and, consequently, the general ending. While I will read almost any historical fiction novel, my particular favorites are those written by women that feature enthralling female protagonists. Such books are especially important reads during Women's History Month. This following quintet includes nothing less than that.

Hear women's story in their own words

Museums Victoria Unsplash

March is Women's History Month. To celebrate, I plan on spotlighting different categories of books written by women. To start off this series, I chose to highlight five books in which women relay their own world experiences. The umbrella term for this category is "memoir," however these books include essays, journals, as well as classic memoirs.

What are our favorite literary youngsters doing in 2021?

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

Life does not stop after childhood– not for us and not for the children of classic literature. Their story stretches far beyond the pages. This author could not help but wonder what some of her favorites were doing today; I imagined what I would find if I were to quench my curiosity by stalking their Instagrams. It seems their adult lives are just as rich as their childhood!

Anne Shirley

From Anne of Green Gables

Anne and Marilla ran Green Gables as a prosperous farm, with the help of beau Gilbert Blythe. While helping Gilbert in the barn one day, Gilbert introduced…

This cult classic seems to have gotten better with age

Amber and Becky via Cheatsheet

At the recommendation of beloved podcaster Danny Pelligrino, I recently watched Drop Dead Gorgeous. Filmed in the style of a documentary, this 1999 dark comedy follows Mount Rose, a small town in Minnesota, during the Sarah Rose Cosmetics Mount Rose American Teen Princess beauty pageant. Its contestants include adorable underdog Amber Atkins (Kirsten Dunst), wealthy town princess Becky Leeman (Denise Richards), hot cheerleader Leslie Miller (Amy Adams), tomboy Tammy Curry (Brooke Bushman), sign language scholar Janelle Betz (Sarah Stewart), as well as many others.

As it gets closer to the…

It’s more than just communication.



Dan Levy’s Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek has taken the world by storm. Audiences fell in love with the Rose family as they watched the family fall from their multi-million dollar pedestal to a rural motel. Though the Rose family began as four very different, distant entities, by the end of the show they became an imperfect, but incredibly loving, family.

This transformation was particularly remarkable in regards to the parent-child relationship. Alexis and David– the children– managed to connect with each other despite their contrary personalities. …

Cassie’s pastel wardrobe does not conceal her sharp instincts but accentuates it

Image via Fashionista

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is an adage older than time. Still, it remains relevant, especially in current visual art. In Promising Young Woman, Cassandra “Cassie” Thomas exposes the villainous, animal instincts of self-described nice guys while clad in candy-coated, pastel fashion. She dances and struts to upbeat pop music matching this pink-ribbon look, notably Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

These choices appear incongruous to the heavy rape-revenge scenario that drives the plot, however, the bright colors and beats are the most appropriate choice for this movie.

Read like you’re running out of time

Lin Manuel Miranda via Wikimedia Commons

Lin Manuel Miranda gave us the best gift ever: Hamilton (filmed with the original broadway cast!!!!) on Disney Plus!

I first discovered Hamilton in seventh grade. I knew very little about the history of the early United States; if an event was not featured in a Schoolhouse Rock song or Liberty Kids episode, I did not know about it. Hearing about the establishment of a National Bank through Miranda’s music was eye-opening to me. Suddenly, the story of Lexington and Concord told in an animated kid’s series seemed so elementary.

As much as I love the music, it is the…

Get something special for all of the people in your life

via Jill Wellington on Pexels

It is that time of year again– the season of love, pink, and all things heart-shaped. No, not Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s Valentine’s Day! Traditionally, people solely associate Valentine’s Day with their significant other, but, after years of anguished singledom, habits of Leslie Knope, and all-class inclusive elementary school celebrations, Valentine’s Day has become an all-encompassing celebration of love.

Despite Valentine’s Day’s expansion, the holiday continues to exclude key groups of people. Celebrate the ones who really left an impact on your life with gifts!

For Your Sister-in-Law

She is not just your significant other’s sister, she’s the one who brings the…

Whatever happened to “free the nipple?”

Photo: Netflix

*This article contains spoilers.*

Bridgerton, the latest addition to Shondaland, is the sexiest Jane Austen novel I have ever watched. The story follows Daphne Bridgerton and her romance with The Duke; they face many obstacles, including meddling mothers, society’s expectations, and the gossip Lady Whistledown. It made its Netflix debut Christmas day, making it the best holiday present period-piece junkies, TV critics, and romance fans received this year.

This author has made her way over to Bridgerton TikTok, and she has one question: Why are Bridgerton fans buying corsets?

Fashion History

Bridgerton takes place in 1813, during the height of the Regency…

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