With an emphasis on comfort and nostalgia, fashion this season reflects the unorthodox habits of 2020. Fashion magazines pushed the matching set, an updated version of the 2000s-era sweatsuits. These sets generally included cotton or fleece sweatshirts paired with analogous joggers, sweatpants, or shorts. This makes sense as these matching lounge sets are, essentially, more comfortable jumpsuits – which have risen in popularity in recent years.

(left) Vanessa matching set from Net-a-Porter (right) Holiday sets from Splendid LA

Additionally, bike shorts – figure-hugging spandex – also made an appearance in 2020. I remember wearing these as a child under my skirts; they acted as a second skin allowed for the freedom to play while maintaining femininity.

( left) London-based influence Juliet Angus (right) Alyssa Coscarelli in a matching bike short set

Similarly, bows are also making a reappearance this year. In a blog post published this past November, influencer Carly Riordan gushed over this resurgence of a preppy childhood favorite, noting the abundance of places one can find them such as on socks, sweaters, and stationary. Also in the preppy vein, headbands have been climbing in popularity recently; thick, fabric-coated headbands can be found in J.Crew, Anthropologie, and in numerous boutiques.

(left) J.Crew headband (right) Loveshack Fancy cardigan

With all of Covid-19’s newly introduced free-time and trendy nostalgia, it should come as no surprise that tie-dye was one of the most popular prints of 2020. Tie-dye surged in popularity. Clothing stores sold out of tie-dye printed items; once that happened, craft stores sold out of tie-dye kits.

(left) Noelle Downing models matching tie-dye mask and set (right) Rachel Martino wears tie-dye set

Though all of these trends are exciting – who does not like to feel comfortable and youthful?- the increasing presence of statement jewelry is my favorite trend. Big rings, charmed necklaces, and colorful earrings have been climbing in popularity for a while, and thankfully their gains remain largely unaffected by Covid-19 casualness. The earrings at BaubleBar are my particular favorite; I have my eyes on the tennis, school bus, and sushi baubles (they are all part of BaubleBar’s new Gemoji collection). I am not the only one enthralled by these colorful earrings as BaubleBar has a special collection available at Target dubbed SUGARFIX, and they truly are sweet. To me, these latest baubles are the perfect combination of comforting, nostalgic, and bold that bring together this latest fashion season.

BaubleBar’s Gemoji Collection

All of these trends mentioned in this fashion report come from my own observations. The attached links serve to support my reflections.

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